Wedding tents

Unique modular system of our wedding party tents

Röder HTS Höcker wedding tents provide the best space and atmosphere you can have at yours wedding. If you require absolute reliability, exclusive design and top quality, Röder solutions will solve everything.

Our tents provide unlimited variabilities of sizes. Because of the sophisticated module system in which individual tents  are functioning as single pieces they also can be freely connected together. Whether you need a small tent for the family and relatives or, conversely, a larger version that can hold 100 family friends - everything is possible!

Just give us a call and we will arrange everything else. From transport, installation and subsequent dismantling of the tent. You do not have to worry about anything, everything is up to us. Plus you get to the tent-class aluminum cassette flooring which no other company in Czech Republic has!

Luxurious but safe wedding  

Röder HTS Höcker company is the leader of the whole mobile structures industry and so it is with the segment of party tents. If you choose the wedding Röder HTS solutions, you are about to have absolutely flawless security during yours wedding event plus you don't even have to worry about the weather.

The main benefits of Röder HTS wedding tents 

  • luxurious design
  • stability
  • have nonflammable sheets, which are also resistant to strong winds and other weather surprises
  • wedding tents fully meet all European standards as well as Czech legal norm EN 13782

Just let us know what you needs are and then you can just enjoy your party, which will be unforgettable also because of Röder HTS Höcker wedding tents. We guarantee thatAs well as hundreds of other clients in front of you, who already saw it in person and then enthusiastically recommended our solutions further.