Helicopter Show 2016

kassette floor

Informace o hale

Tent type: Roma, Nizza
Dimension: Roma 10 x 20m, Nizza 5 x 5m
Location: Hradec Králové

We supplied party tents Roma 10 x 20m x Nizza 5 x 5m including kassette floor. Party tents were montaged, demontaged and taken away - all turn key way done for 15th year of HeliShow in Hradec Králové. All in one day. 

Daniel Tuček's, CEO DSA a.s. Testimonial 

"I would like to thank to Air Area company for perfect servic, which they supported our Helicopter Show event. Party tents fulfilled what we expected. Tents that we were using in past years cannot be compared to the quality of HTS Höcker products. If you are looking for quality then I recommend Röder HTS solution. I believe you will be as satisfied as we were."