Excellent quality party tents withstand rain and cloudburst

Whether you are organizing outdoor events of any kind, with Röder HTS Höcker party tents you will never be surprised by a change of weather again. Our tents break down the myths about instability of temporary structures. Everything is made in Germany. You can’t find any part made in China and the walling meets the most strict European fire regulations.

What you can rely on in Röder HTS Höcker tents:

  • easy manipulation
  • easy warehousing
  • convenient moving
  • building structure sophisticated to every detail
  • quick and easy mounting and dismantling
  • quality german product

Build your own convenient shape

We supply tents in standard dimension from 3 to 10 metres with a possibility to enlarge it to 15 metres. Standard height is 2,3 metres. The structure can also make wide possibilities. You can choose from classic square ground plan to hexagonal or octagonal. Or you can choose from a wide selection of other combinations.

We can supply you a tent exactly designed by your preferences in the means of size, shape or accessories.

Excellent quality from leaders of the industry

German precision glints in every detail of Röder HTS Höcker tents. Aluminium or carbon structures come exclusively from European sources and every material passes strict endurance testing. PVC walling also meets very strict European regulations. Furthermore, the tents meet international regulations including DIN 4102 B1 and BS 5438/7837.

We sell party tents for almost quarter of a century

We are an exclusive Röder HTS Höcker party tents distributor since 1992. We can help you with the design of your tent and we are here for servicing or maintaining your tents. You can reach us on phone or email from 8am to 10pm