Party tents rental

Are you managing outdoor events, weddings, sports or culture events where you need a comfortable room for your guests and staff?

We are a loyal partner for amazing quality events for more than 25 years and we know how much it is important that the event goes smoothly without any unexpected complications.

All of our products are manifactured in Germany from european sources. PVC sheathing fulfill all the requirements of europian fire norms so you can be sure that your event will not accidentally collapse. Thanks to our tents you will have a V.I.P. environment you wish for. Röder HTS tents wont be surprised with even the biggest weather challenges.

Tent shape tailored for your event

We supply garden party tents, pagoda tents and other tent roofing in 3 to 15 m sizes and 2.3 m height of the wall. Choose a variant of a classical square or six to eight sides. Or basically any other combination you want.

What to expect from renting our party tents?

  • 100 % service, montage and demontage with delivery anywhere in Czech Republic and Slovakia,

  • easy and quick manipulation

  • true German quality

  • design worked into every detail of a tent

  • safety and protection from indoor and outdoor unexpected conditions

​Top quality from the leaders in the field

We help with roofing of all kinds of events since 1992. Starting from small events like weddings, company gatherings music and cultural festivals, ending with Helishow 2016. But we also have experiences with huge events that are being watched worldwide. Recently we built halls and tents for ice hockey WCH (Russia 2016) and WCH Motocross, which takes place every year in Karlovy Vary. Röder HTS Röcker garden party tents are available for everyone.

We will be happy to be a part of your amazing event.

Give us a call, we are ready to help you out with the design of your tent +420 737 804 904.