New pagoda Hamburk

On the home show Röder HTS Höcker 2017, two completely new products were introduced. The first is a completely new pagoda Hamburg, which is one of the best pagodas that can be bought today. It is the first pagoda that has static for wind and snow loads. On each pillar, the pagoda Hamburg has additionally new leads that drain water from the roof. The new is also an aluminum atheist.

The second new product is the Smart L warehouses, which is about 25% cheaper than the Röder HTS standard warehouses. The key elements of the Röder HTS quality have been preserved, but the price is much more enjoyable.

We will be available to rent the new pagoda Hamburg from the beginning of 2018 if you would like to use it for your event, just contact us. The pagoda will be in a luxurious variant with glass fillings and wooden flooring. Likewise, from the beginning of January, our fleet of party tents will be used to rent a 10 x 10m pagoda London, which is an excellent choice for both VIP events and weddings. The pagoda will also be with solid glass fillings including the floor.

The pictures of the new pagoda Hamburg can be seen below in the gallery, including the Röder HTS Höcker 2017 home show.