Prefabricated buildings for waste shredder


Our prefabricated halls have a wide range of applications. Many clients are also using it as a base for a waste sorter or a waste shredder. Röder HTS hall for a waste shredder meets all these requirements. Our halls are very quick and simple to assemble. Hall features are comparable with fixed structures but at a completely different cost. Inside the hall is ensured excellent air circulation. Typical is also maximum flexibility. The hall can be customized to suit your requirements and actual needs, which is in the process of shredding and sorting waste quite useful.

Prefabricated hall without internal column

We usually montage 1000 square meters in 4 days. And the hall will grow with you. Modular system of the hall allows extending of the hall as much as you need without any further complication. You wont see any internal column in the hall, which will allow you a completely free movement inside of it. We safe your space and respect all security standards. All your recycling activities will be safe even in the coldest conditions of the year.

Custom made entrance door or gate

Does traditional solution of hall building not suit you? We will customize our hall to all your needs including required entrance door or gate.

Quick and quality montage of prefabricated halls 

Are you looking for temporary solutions, or are you limited by financial budget? Give us a call and we will do everything so that you can get top service for your activities in short or long term rental program. 


You will find all benefits and testimonials of Röder HTS halls on the page Montaged halls. 


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