We build mobile industrial structures that grow with your business

In three days, we build 20×50 m industrial structure which protects from heavy rain or freezing. Apart from classic buildings, the mobile industrial structures grow as fast as your business. If you need to increase your warehouse capacity you can enlarge the structure.

We usually build structures from 3 to 50 metres long with a height from 2,2 to 11 metres. Industrial structure stands without the need of inside columns. We can also accommodate the structure according to your individual needs.

Why Röder HTS Höcker industrial structure?

  • extremely fast mounting (we supply 20×50 m warehouse structure in three days)
  • easy enlargement
  • quick and carefree moving with minimum interference
  • easy dismantling

We supply complete accessories:

  • entrance doors
  • entry gates
  • lighting
  • power distribution
  • air conditioning and much more

Röder HTS Höcker industrial structures are an ideal solution for those in urgent need of an industrial building while demanding not to cut their quality demands. You can purchase the structure uninsulated or as a fully insulated energy positive object (so called thermo-hall).

The construction resists extreme weather conditions, big portions of snow and another weather conditions, always considering the given region. Our industrial structures are build in Germany from components of European origin.

You can also rent the structure

Röder HTS Höcker industrial structures are the best you can get in the field of temporary structures. They excel in enormous endurance and posses quality German workmanship. Very reasonable price can come as a surprise for some.

In case you do not want to invest in the structure you can rent it with a possibility of consecutive purchase of the structure. Whatever your choices may be, you can get in touch with us and will help you. We are available everyday from 8am to 10pm.