Insulated hall in Mohelnice

insulated sandwich pannels thermo roof

Informace o hale

Hall type Insulated  
Dimension: 700m2
Location: Mohelnice

We custom made insulated "thermo" warehouse for goods storage for our costumer. The hall gives over 700 square meters storage space and because of no internal column there is pretty easy to move around. Part of the hall is electric powered rolling gate and entrance door. The hall sheathing is made from 40mm sandwich panels. Thermo roof is equipped with special compressors which blows hot air in to the roof, by which ensures thermoisolated layer of the roof. Compressors are 100 % automatic and can be set up for once a 14 days turn on/off, when fills hot air to the roof for optimal level and then turn off.

The hall was made for our costumer in 4 weeks and then montaged in 5 days.