Tent halls

our Tent constructions can stand rain, hail, earthquakes and a Tsunami wave

Röder HTS Höcker montaged tent halls are ideal for those who need to quickly build a warehouse, or manufacturing space, but still looking for quality. Our tent halls are ideal in any kind of unpleasant weather including a load of snow. Recently Röder HTS structures were left standing after an earthquake in Chile!

see below how montaging of our tent halls look like:

HTS Montaged tent halls change the fundamentals of the buidling industry! You dont have to look for complicated solutions for a bulding. Aluminium or carbon structures come exclusively from european sources and every material passes strict endurance testing. PVC walls also meets very strict european regulations. Furthemore, the tents meet international regulations including DIN 4102 B1 and BS 5438/7837.

Montaged tent halls of size 20x50 m, that are wind and rain resistant, are built in 4 days. If you need a storage warehouse, or to open a new sales house or  manafacturing space, our tent halls are here for you. Our modular system also ensures that your tent hall will grow together with your business!

We usually build tent halls 3 to 50 meters wide and 1 to  2.2 meters high. The Hall constructions also stand without support of any inner column.

Why a Röder HTS Höcker tent hall?

  • turn key solution for your project - we will take care of everything: design, manufacture, montage and follow up service,
  • 10 years guarantee, 
  • extremely fast mounting - in just 4 days, we can deliver e.g. 20x50 hall (1000 m2),
  • variability - Röder HTS hall can be modified and expanded almost without limits.
  • durability - many times longer life span compared to most of the hall structures in the market which are generally made in China today. Our halls are made from 100% european materials. 
  • hall foundation - there is no need for concrete foundations or piles, the hall can be mounted on any surface in any place.
  • mobility - it is easy and quick to demontage the hall and mount it somewhere else,
  • option of buying your hall back - if you purchase a hall from us and have no usage for it after some time, we will buy the hall back from you,

Together with the montaged hall we provide complete equipment 

  • entry gate
  • entrance doors
  • power distribution
  • lighting
  • air conditioning etc.

PVC sheathing ensures natural daylight. We will design the construction ideally for really good air circulation in the hall, but also that is still insulated.

Send us a message or give us a call, we will be happy to help with the ideal solution for your project.