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Montaged riding hall

A montaged hall creates a perfect environment for horses and riders. The modular design hall gives a lot of free space and a broad range of use.

You can enjoy your hobby with the Röder HTS Höcker tent hall all year long under any weather conditions. Riding halls are made from 100% european materials and together with the german manufacturing quality you know that the construction will never fall apart.

We have focused on building mobile roofing systems for almost a quarter of a century. If you need to solve construction of a new riding hall or stable house quickly, Röder HTS montaged halls are the ideal solution for your project. We are also prepared to react on your needs even during constructions of other projects. Call us today and tomorrow we shall begin.

Choose the shape and size that suits you best 

We will customize the shape and the size of the riding hall according to your needs. Only then will you achieve a comfortable environment for horses, riders and also visitors. Our modular system offers an endless scale of possibilities. Parts of the riding hall construction include: gutters installation, entrance wherever you need it, ventilation and plenty others. Translucent PVC sheathing together with walls of the hall offer a comfortable climate of the inside in any weather.

Benefits of a montaged riding hall

  • multiplied longer service life than any other hall or tent solution
  • PVC sheathing of the riding hall provides ideal lighting conditions both in summer and winter periods of the year
  • mobility - you can move the hall safely anytime, anywhere you want
  • complete service - design, manufacture, montage of a riding hall together with accecories like a gate, lighting, electro installation etc. are made turn key. You don't have to take care of anything
  • rent - we also offer rent for short or long time period

Our montaged riding halls are constructions of the future, in comparison to the regular buildings they offer incomparable price performance ratio. Construction can take any weather conditions. Neither snow nor rain will affect safe working flow of your activities.

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