Mobile hangars Röder HTS Höcker

Are you looking for storage space for your aircrafts or ships? Do you need a universal solution, that would allow you to safely manage servicing of your equipment?

Montaged hangars from the german company Röder HTS Höcker have been for decades the number one choice for customers looking for a long lasting quality solution. Montaged hangars provide everything thats needed - isolation, strong walls, PVC sheathing with high snow control, long service life, safe electro installation, lighting and insulation.

Montaged halls in comparison to the ordinary solution are easy to demontage and replace. You can check it out for yourself, give us a call and we will make you a non-binding offer. Our products are made from top quiality european materials, we give you 10 years guarantee!

Tailored mobile solution that cuts your costs

We will customize the hangar according to your specific needs: size, shape, height, un-insulated or fully insulated "energy efficient" hall. One of the important factors is the entering gate - that we will also design for your needs, it doesn't matter if it is the front of the hall or on the sides.

Benefits of the Röder HTS hangars

  • multiplied longer service life than any other hall or tent solution
  • no need for costly foundations - we will build you the hangar on any surface in 4 days
  • variability -  Róder HTS halls allow you to customize the size for ever
  • mobility - the hangar is easy to demontage and replace
  • possibility of buying your hangar back  - you dont have room for your hall anymore? We will buy it back!
  • guarantee - we offer a 10 year-guarantee
  • safe space for the service of your aircrafts

We supply complete accessories with the hangar

  • entrance door
  • customized entry gate - we manafacture halls for any ship or aircraft size
  • lighting 
  • power distribution
  • air conditioning etc.
  • un-insulated or a fully insulated "energy efficient" object

Design of the hangar, transport and the montage is on turn key. You don't have to do anything. We will tailor the project for your needs. Ask us anything, we will be happy to create a non- binding offer.

You can also rent a hangar

Are you looking for a temporary hangar solution? We are ready to help you out. We will not just manifacture the hangar for you at any time you want, but if your plan changes on the way, you can also buy the whole structure!

Any questions? We are availible on the phone everyday from 8:00 to 22:00 +420 737 804 904