Warehouse with PVC roof

un-insulated transclucent PVC roof

Informace o hale

Hall type: Un-insulated
Dimension: 625m2
Location: Česká Lípa

Röder HTS Höcker Smart Halle warehouse is usually being made with column spacing 2,5 meters. We used this option according to our costumers request to build a 12,5 x 50 x 5,20 meters hall.

Part of this hall are only two entrances for truck without any gates. The hall sheathing is made from trapezoidal sheathing. The hall has translucent PVC roof (letting the natural light come in to the space of the hall). That saves electric energy for lighting. We montaged this hall in 6 days after 4 weeks of its manufacturing. 

The second hall is used as an external warehouse of costumer 15 x 35 meters. During the hall montaging costumer already started using the hall. There is no problem to do that. That is one of the benefits of using mobile montaged halls. After a few days of the montage the hall has been used by customer and we continued with finishing the hall sheathing, that is in this case made from trapezoidal sheet. The roof is from traditional PVC. The hall was made together with 12,5 x 50 meters in 4 weeks from the order date.