Mobile montaged halls for rent

Do you need your own warehouse or manufacturing hall? Are you only only for a temporary solution or you dont have the capital for purchasing a hall at once?


All Röder HTS Höcker products including montaged halls are made in Germade from 100% european materials. Since we want everyone to afford top quality, we are offering both short and long term rentals of our halls. Thanks to that you can try out our halls and services and if you want, you can eventually buy the hall.


Choose from many solutions including mobile warehouses, manufacturing halls or sport halls and other constructions.

Why Röder HTS Höcker hall rental

  • extremely fast mounting - in just 4 days, we can deliver e.g. 20×50 hall (1000 m2).
  • variability - Röder HTS halls can be modified and expanded almost without limits.
  • durability - many times longer life span compared to most of the hall structures in the market which are generally made in China today. Röder HTS structures are made in Germany to the very last detail from European materials only - all in TOP quality.
  • hall anchorage - there is no need for concrete foundations or piles, the hall can be mounted on any surface.
  • mobility - reckless and quick repositioning with minimum interference with production. You can always seamlessly dismantle Röder HTS halls and mount them in a new place. You will never be able to rebuild cheap halls from China - just like a cheap table from a supermarket. Röder HTS quality products are mobile not only in their name but also in their real features,
  • possibility of buying your hall back - no other company in the Czech republic offers this privilege. If you purchase a hall from us and you change your business after some time so you have no usage for the hall any more, you don’t have to worry. We will buy the hall back from you!
  • safety - our halls are the most durable in the world. For exampe they were left standing in recent earthquake catastrophy in Chile and that was due to the unique construction and materials that are patented by our company.

Complete equipment comes with our hall rental 

  • entrance doors
  • entry gates
  • lighting
  • power distribution
  • air conditioning etc.
  • un-insulated or insulated energy efficient object.


Hall delivery together with its montage is turn key. You dont have to take care of anything. We will tailor the whole project solution for your needs.


Give us a call and we will create a non-binding offer for you.