We introduce to you our new revolutionary CARBON system


"The new CARBON structure is a huge success! Its enables both quick installations and disassembly and provides significant reductions in transport-costs plus the added benefit of improved worker safety for our crews." - Giuseppe and Masiimo Barolo of Al Fiere - Italy


Röder HTS - the biggest industry inovator of the 21. century!

Top of the industry today is new patented alu-carbon technology, which is developed by Röder HTS engineers, who were by the way the first in history and still are the only producers of such technology. This new system lowers weight of the whole construction for more than 30%! With this huge step forward in developing mobile construction we helped our costumers not only with loading a transport but also manipulation with the material itself and huge time savings with transport itself and montaging the hall.

Additional savings include:

  • less loading time
  • less transport volume
  • less onsite machinining usage

For more information about our new CARBON technology visit our site here.