On Wednesday evening, Chile was hit by a strong earthquake, according to local authorities the strongest in the last 100 years. Two large Röder HTS 35×75×5m tents were located at the very epicenter. Tsunami waves of approximately 7 meters that accompanied the earthquake hit the city of Coquimbo beaches, where our tents were located. Tsunami together with strong earthquake destroyed surrounding buildings and houses. The Röder HTS halls located 20 meters from the sea remained virtually undamaged. This confirms the absolute uniqueness of Röder HTS mobile solutions which ranks among the global leaders in the field of temporary structures.

Our headquarters received a phone call from the owner of the halls the day after the disaster. He thanked for the high quality of our buildings. We are proud that the Röder HTS Höcker construction withstood even this very challenging test. On shots from local TV (see photos below), you can see the Röder HTS hall in the middle of the damaged area.