In early March, we built a warehouse for DHL in South Bohemia measuring 20x50 m with a side height of 6.20 m. We managed to build the hall in four days, which is a great result.

It is the construction speed which is one of the advantages of mobile Röder HTS Höcker halls, which are among the best you can get in the field of mobile structures. Characteristics comparable to permanent buildings, construction speed, economy of the entire construction and variability are the parameters where permanent buildings always lose. These are the reasons why more and more companies turn to mobile warehouse solutions from Röder HTS.

If you also want a top quality warehouse with measures around 1000 m2 and you want to use it in 4 days, just let us know and we will prepare an offer for you. The halls can be bought or obtained as a long-term lease.

On the photos and videos you can see the construction of mobile warehouse for DHL.