Another humanitarian tents delivery

In February we finished the construction of several additional 1000 m2 of new accommodation capacities within mobile refugee camps in Germany.

The Röder HTS Höcker humanitarian mobile structures or whole camps solution are adherent to world’s absolute top for several reasons. We have been the first to come with mobile structures and we have more than 50 years of experience in this field. Unique Röder HTS aluminium constructions may equal the properties of permanent structures but their construction speed is incomparable.

It takes just a few days to build a whole mobile town thanks to our unique technology, which is completely unique.

Construction speed, maximum variability, top quality and more than 50 years of experience confirm Röder HTS Höcker's position as the world’s leader in mobile structure solutions.

The fact that Röder HTS Höcker is the main supplier of most mobile structures built in Germany during migration crisis speaks for itself.