Non-insulated mobile halls - LS SERIES

Our non-insulated mobile halls offer ideal solutions for non-heated warehousing of goods and material.

We usually build our montaged warehouses in a few days.Our halls can be used for a short term or pernmanently. You can also rent the structure.

mobile warehouse - specification 

  • length: can be customized to any length in increments of 5m
  • eave heights: from 3.2m to 7.2m
  • width: 5 - 30m in clear span width
  • colors: you can choose from a variety of colors that will match your existing environment 
  • walls: steel sheets, insulated panels or PVC sheathing

key benefits of non-insulated mobile warehouse

  • quick delivery and montage
  • construction can be build on any surface
  • easy to expand or demontage and replace
  • possibility to purchase, rent or lease
  • no maintenance

Bespoke montaged warehouse 

We tailor all Röder HTS Höcker constructions to your needs. You can also connect our halls together or with other buildings.The hall comes complete with equipment: windows, doors, gate, lighting and others. Give us a call, we wil be happy to assist you!