Refugee camps

The Röder HTS Höcker humanitarian mobile structures or whole camps solution is adherent to world’s absolute top and brings by far the most effective accommodation solution for migration crisis.

We were the first to come up with mobile structures and we have more than 50 years of experience with it. Unique Röder HTS aluminium structures can equal permanent structures but their construction speed is incomparable.

Röder HTS Höcker mobile solution features

  • Insulation properties fully comparable to brick buildings
  • Usual windows, doors and internal room organisation
  • Insulated wooden floors
  • Complete sanitary facilities

With our own professional teams we built whole turnkey refugee camps for thousands of migrants throughout Germany during the migration crisis which hit European continent in 2015. Deliveries contain complete civil and sanitary equipment. All is done in extremely short time and in maximum quality, including building local infrastructure.

Why our clients choose Röder HTS Höcker solution

  • Extremely short construction speed
  • Absolute mobility and year-round usability
  • Practically unlimited variability
  • Maximum comfort possible from a mobile solution
  • Execution on a turnkey basis from A to Z

It takes just a few days to build a whole mobile town thanks to our unique technology, which is completely unique. The fact that Röder HTS Höcker is the main supplier of most mobile structures built in Germany during migration crisis speaks for itself.


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