A mobile stage you can build in 20 minutes

We are the first to bring the Stage mobil outdoor mobile stage built in 20 minutes to the Czech republic. You can do it just by yourself. You can also easily dismantle the stage, put it on a trailer and take it away after the event.

We offer the following variants of the stage:

  • StageMobil S - 4,40m (width) × 3,75m (depth) × 4,40m (height)
  • StageMobil L - 6,80m (width) × 6,30m (depth) × 4,45m (height) / 6,80m (width) × 4,40m (depth) × 4,45m (height)
  • StageMobil XL - 8,0m (width) × 6,10m (depth) × 5,80m (height)
  • StageMobil XXL - 10,0m (width) × 6,10m (depth) × 6,30m (height)
  • StageMobil Stage 122 - mobile platform for 122 spectators

Mobile stage renting

You can purchase the stage or rent it. Just reserve a term and choose if you want to move it by yourself or if you want us to make you the full service. With StageMobile renting you can save thousands of Czech crowns on additional costs for moving, mounting and dismantling the stage.

For standard cultural events we recommend StageMobil L. The dimensions of the the stage for transportation are 8,2×2,54m. You can mount it to two different dimensions. The smaller one is 6,8 ×4,4m and the bigger one is 6,8 ×6,3m.


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